Hollow Bodies Black & White Vinyl LP


Hollow Bodies Black & White Vinyl LP

Hollow Bodies 12" Black & White vinyl - Limited to 1,000

Includes Heavy Matte Lamination Jacket

includes full Digital Download sent via Email

  1. Exodus
  2. You Wear a Crown but You're No King
  3. Hollow Bodies
  4. Déjà Vu
  5. Buried in these Walls
  6. See You on the Outside
  7. Youngbloods
  8. Standing on the Ashes
  9. Carry On
  10. The Sound of Starting over
  11. Open Water

Fearless Records ID: 179810 Catalog ID: 1291 SKU: BTF0HBBWLP-DL Created: 6/13/2014
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